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RSS Feed

RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) is a system providing regular news updates from web sites without the need to visit the web sites directly.

Whenever content is added to a site, the web site compiles a list of recently changed items that it provides as a file which is read by a RSS Reader program. You have to give this program the URL for each news feed file and how often you want it to be checked.

The Splitsbrower RSS feed carries results added to splitsbrowser in the last 3 weeks is located at

The feed has been tested on the following these free readers:

There are many other RSS readers available - just search with Google. Some are specific to operating system - sorry, we have been unable to check any for Mac or Linux yet.

Methods of providing URL differ, but you can cut and paste or right click/copy link. Some readers recognise the contents of the clipboard as a link, and will already have pasted it in when you ask for a new feed.