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Submitting results to Splitsbrowser

1. Prepare results data file in one of the following formats.

SportIdent CSV format
Comma separated variable file output form SportIdent OE/MT program. This is the preferred format for SportIdent results. It includes start times which the are not generally present in the SportIdent HTML output files.

SportIdent HTML format
Use this format for SportIdent results when CSV format results are not available. There are many variations to the layout of these results which means that it is not always read reliably. In particular if club names start with a number the file is not read correctly.

Splitsbrowser comma separated variable format
A simple comma separated variable format retained principally for compatibility with previous versions of Splitsbrowser.

2. Upload the results to the Splitsbrowser web site using the form here.

3. Check that the resulting entry is correct. Any error may be corrected from the Event Admin page in the ways decribed below.

Editing submitting results

Submitted event data may be edited, replacement results uploaded or the complete event deleted from the Event Admin page.

Using Splitsbrowser applet on your site 

For those that do not wish to upload their results onto the Splitsbrowser web site then it is possible to deploy Splitsbrowser on your own site given some familiarity with HTML. Instructions as to how to do this are given here.