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Upgraded to make Javascript version of Splitsbrowser the default

The Splitsbrowser graph has been upgraded to use the Javascript version so it is supported on mobile devices and not subject to the security restrictions that have recently affected the Java platform.

The Java version is still available from the browse events page

Issues encountered in this Javascript version may be reported here

What is Splitsbrowser
Splitsbrowser is an open, web based, system for the display and analysis of orienteering split times. It uses a Java applet to display results submitted to the site by event organisers.

Viewing results
The most recent event results submitted are displayed in the table to the right.  All results in the event database may be browsed here.

Submitting results
Event organisers can upload results for display on the Splitsbrowser web site in several formats from the Add event page.

Existing event details may be edited from the Event Admin page.

Further details on using Splitsbrowser may be found here.

Helping to develop Splitsbrowser
SplitsBrowser is developed as a open source project. The source code is avaliable here.

RSS Feed
An RSS feed is avaliable to inform users of recently added results. The RSS URL is ...more details.

15 Jul 18   SLOW    GBR
GLOSS Wimbledon Common
15 Jul 18   AIRE    GBR
Bingley Urban
15 Jul 18   BOC    IRL
Gougane Barra Wood
14 Jul 18   AIRE    GBR
Fat Rascals Prologue Cliffe Castle
14 Jul 18   AIRE    GBR
Fat Rascals Chase Myrtle Park
13 Jul 18   PUNTOK    ITA
Insieme a Opicina
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